Clearview is back open for Sunday in person worship.  If you would like information on joining us on zoom please call the church and leave a message and some one will get back to you on how to do so.

 Below are the pre-cautions we are implementing, so you can make an informed decision as to attend, or remain at home.

 1)     Temperature checks offered upon entrance for those who would like them taken but not required for entry.   If person is sick, they would no doubt stay home any way.

 2)     Masks/shields and social distancing are preferred Respect for each person’s decision will be on these matters whether to wear mask/shield and/or social distance. When we are a RED county, the state will mandate masks in public places, so at those times, masks will be required following state guidelines.

 3)     Seating – Seats will be set up with Social distance. Families and couples can move seats together. People can sit where they feel comfortable with respect to others.  If a person requests one to sit  further away, that request should be honored.

 4)     Singing – with mask or shield.

 5)     Collection plates – Leave collection plate at back table and on the altar. Plates will not be passed

 6)    Joys/Concerns  –  After Pastor calls on people with raised hands, shout out joys and concerns.  Mic not to be used.

Blessings Pastor Jerry!